What the Hay? One Montana Day Trip Every Family Should Take

by Kim Nelson Separate a county from the rest of Montana, toss in a few hay bales, a couple of props, a little glue, and finish by spraying some colorful paint onto the newly created masterpiece. This, in short, is the recipe for the annual “What the Hay” contest event in Russell County. “What the […]

Learning to Share – Sharing Health Information with Your Child’s School

by Vicki Olson Johnson In preparing children to begin school or begin a new school year, parents not only need to take into consideration day-to-day details such as transportation and after school activities, but careful planning and thought should be given to alerting your child’s school about medical conditions, medication needs and other health related […]

Kindergarten…One Year Later

by Jenny Barriger Kindergarten is a right of passage for so many; unparalleled in the excitement that surrounds finally getting to go to that “big kid” place. What was once a world of “Farmer in the Dell”, inflatable letter people and having the teacher remind us how to be a friend has changed to be […]

Family Time in the Fall – Where Did Our Play Time Go?

By Julie Burton The picture of summer includes children playing in the sprinklers, hamburgers on the BBQ, a lawnmower at rest beside an open garage door, and an empty container of Miracle Gro waiting to be tossed in the garbage. Days are long. Dinners are late. Evenings are relaxed for many families. That is, until […]

Back to School Schedules – Using Google Calendar to Get Organized

by Becky Berg Back to school typically means back to schedules. Keeping track of piano lessons, early dismissals from school, soccer practice, birthday parties and play dates can be a bit overwhelming. When you add church activities, Muffins for Moms, and your shift as a PTA volunteer at Saturday Live, keeping track of it all […]

5 Lessons $5 Can Teach Your Child

by Gina Roberts-Grey Fixed interest rates, IRA’s, money markets and paying college tuition are all concepts and financial options that are as important to adults as they are confusing to children. Whether you’re saving for a family vacation, college tuition, or hoping to purchase a new car, pinching pennies can be challenging. As tricky as […]